Integrated view of engineering and construction

For over four decades Racional has accumulated technical and management expertise and has worked with the commitment to deliver creative solutions for its clients’ projects through planning, innovation and intelligent construction processes.

To us, a construction project lifecycle starts with the definition of the investment followed by its execution and operation. Throughout this cycle the correct allocation and management of costs, timeframe and quality criteria are key factors for the success of the project.

Racional can provide Pre-Construction services once the project milestones are defined or, if the designs and specifications have already been developed by a third party, we act as builder during the Construction phase.

Each phase includes a series of activities that are intrinsic to the challenges of each project.

  • Pre-Construction

    During the Pre-Construction phase, Racional Engenharia acts as the client’s engineering department. Therefore, we are in a position to recommend solutions that add value to the project from its onset by providing our professional expertise and knowledge.

    The Pre-Construction phase is developed using architectural software programs and involves the integration of complementary designs including design management, quality management plan, cost and timeframe planning, logistics and buildability analysis, value engineering, sustainability, and permits.

    We are pioneers in delivering Pre-Construction services in Brazil. We introduced the concept from benchmarking done abroad and by making the necessary adaptations to the Brazilian market.

  • Construction

    During the Construction phase Racional is responsible for the entire construction process of the project, including scope, timeframe, cost and quality management. This stage is based on the designs and specifications previously approved and supplied by the client.

    The management model developed by Racional ensures the delivery of the best engineering and construction solutions for our clients focused on productivity and quality during execution.

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