Engineering in construction. Construction with engineering.

With over 9 million square meters built for the B2B sector, Racional Engenharia embodies the true integration between engineering and construction through all phases of a project.

Our construction expertise is the result of over four decades of tireless work focused on the search for innovative solutions. This has allowed us to develop competencies that were previously unheard of in Brazil such as providing pre-construction services as a great opportunity for the introduction of engineering knowledge to benefit the company’s Project.

We are also pioneers in understanding that sustainability is part and parcel of the business and of the implementation of a flexible management model that responds to the particularities of each project and adapts to different market segments.

As such, over the years we have built a portfolio of over 600 construction projects across Brazil in the Industrial, Shopping Mall & Retail, Buildings, Science & Technology and Infrastructure segments.

We are an engineering company that works closely with its clients to better understand and meet their expectations. Our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency in the construction of real estate developments to suit their purpose.

Our market position is a reason for pride for us since it has allowed us to build long term relationships thanks to our commitment to quality and delivery deadlines added to our ethical and transparent conduct. We want to be a company increasingly focused on building customer trust and on finding solutions.

This is how we have built our position as one of Brazil’s main construction and engineering companies, a partner of major companies recognized both at home and abroad.

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