People: Racional’s key asset

The focus of our business is based on people. Our employees, in their different roles and duties, are fundamental to build the company we want to be.

People Management

We promote a healthy workplace environment that is knowledge rich and benefits from continuous growth. Our company relies on policies and processes that ensure people’s equality and our meritocracy model serves as a tool for performance recognition.

We aim to provide an environment conducive for the personal and professional development of our employees and we expect an ethical and collaborative attitude that bolsters productivity and encourages adherence to our governance practices.

We value and invest in people’s technical and behavioral development through structured training programs that leverage each employee’s potential. These initiatives not only help advance their careers but also ensures a successful succession plan aimed at maintaining business continuity.

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Occupational Health and Safety

We understand that the health, welfare and human rights of our employees and contract workers on our construction sites are critical for the success of all our activities.

We adopt stringent criteria to control our employees’ working, social, health and safety conditions and carry out regular preventive actions as well as internal and external audits.

Racional is recognized as a benchmark company in the prevention of workplace accidents and ccupational diseases. We are frequently invited to present our good health and safety practices and take part in meetings with government bodies, NGOs and labor unions.

How we work:

  • Preventive actions

    We offer health-related programs, lectures, training and campaigns to our employees to help them understand their responsibility in making the workplace safer.

  • Internal and external audits

    Our auditors pay frequent surprise visits to our construction sites and to the workers’ quarters managed by our suppliers. If any non-conformity is found corrective measures are immediately taken.

  • Awards

    Racional Engenharia has been a frequent winner of the Seconci-SP Occupational Health and Safety Award since its inception. This award is intended to bring visibility to best practices on construction sites undertaken by construction companies, contractors and sub-contractors. View more in awards.

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