Racional’s Commitment: Building an increasingly better company

Racional Engenharia has always strived to be a reliable company, not only in service delivery, but mainly with regard to the relationship with its stakeholders.

Transparency and ethics are the main pillars that support the company’s performance and drive our commitments and responsibilities.

We are proud to be recognized as a trustworthy and dependable company.

Donation and Sponsorship Policy

This policy is another compliance tool that sets forth the guidelines that should be followed for donations and sponsorships in areas of interest to Racional.

It complements the instructions set out in the Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy and other internal policies.


Policy anticorruption

Commitment to Integrity

We ensure to our employees and business parties our commitment to comply the applicable laws and best compliance practices.

Here we instruct how to prevent, detect and treat pratics or conduct of corruption, bribery or kickback.


Code of conduct

Our attitudes reveal who we are

Reinforcing our commitment to ethics and transforming our attitudes into a daily ethical practice is critical for our company. Our Code of Conduct defines how we think and act in situations of conflict.

Learn about our Code of Conduct

Annual report

Transparency as the driving force

Racional Engenharia is a privately held company. However, we prepare and disclose annual reports as a means to communicate our activities to our key stakeholders in a transparent and credible manner.

Our annual reports are published as part of our corporate governance policy.

Corporate structure

Racional Engenharia is controlled by its holding company Racional Participações, which also owns Racional Empreendimentos.

Corporate governance structure

Racional Engenharia’s corporate governance structure rests on two main bodies: The Advisory Board and the Steering Committee.

An External Audit is also part of our corporate governance structure. Among other tasks, its chief duty is to ensure the certification of controls and disseminate in a clear manner information of internal and external interest.

Through this corporate governance framework, Racional Engenharia seeks to create value for its clients, shareholders and other stakeholders so as to contribute to the company’s long-term future and sustainability.

  • Advisory Board

    With a similar role as that of a Board of Directors in joint-stock companies, Racional’s Advisory Board takes part in short- and long- term strategic decisions and ensures control over the company’s management.

    The Advisory Board is composed of three members, two independent members and one controlling shareholder, who also serves as the Company’s CEO. Among the main activities undertaken by the Advisory Board are those pertaining to good corporate governance practices, such as employee compensation, risk management and ethics. Specifically as regards the latter topic, the Board is assisted by the Ethics Committee on the best way of dealing with the issue.

  • Ethics Committee
    Racional’s Ethics Committee is made up of the Steering Committee and has the following duties and responsibilities::

    • Define and disseminate ethical values and principles guiding the professional conduct of the company and its employees.
    • Assess instances of violations of the Code of Conduct principles and deliberate on the action to be taken.
    • Reduce the subjectivity of personal interpretations regarding moral and ethical principles described in the Code.
    • Ensure a response to Code violations and guarantee the confidentiality of information.
  • Steering Committee
    The Steering Committee is responsible for the management and administration of Racional Engenharia’s activities and for the execution of the company strategy as recommended by the Advisory Board.

    The Committee is currently composed of five executives: the CEO and executives from the Organizational Development, Operations, Business Development and Administration and Finance areas.

    The Steering Committee acts as a liaison between the company strategy and operations and is supported by Management Committees and Alignment Forums.

    • Management Committees: are composed of company executives and hold regular meetings. The main purpose of those meetings is to share information and speed up collective decision-making, while ensuring interdependence between issues such as operations, business development, human resources, sustainability, and IT.

    • Alignment Forums: are spaces created for the discussion and dissemination of strategic content between leaders and their teams. Held periodically, these forums serve as a communications channel for all employees.

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