Sustainability is at the core of our business

Racional has had a responsible attitude towards environmental, social and management issues since its foundation. We have embedded sustainability into our way of thinking and doing business in an ethical and responsible manner and our decisions always take the society, economic values and the environment into account.

We believe that we can only become an agent of change if we are ready to change ourselves continuously. This is how we develop and implement our production and management processes to reduce social and environmental impacts and increase our project performance throughout its lifecycle.

In practice, some of our social and environmental initiatives are at the forefront of the Brazilian civil construction industry, such as the introduction of an educational program on our construction sites (since 1987), as well as other environment and sustainability related initiatives. We were also pioneers in LEED certification for our corporate buildings and datacenters.

A more recent initiative undertaken by Racional, which emphasizes the use of sustainable practices in our business is the Construction Entrepreneur Program whose goal is to contribute to the development of micro and small business partners, suppliers of contract workers.

We strongly believe that by building joint strategic alliances with our supply chain partners we will be minimizing social and environmental risks and contributing to identify opportunities for innovation, social inclusion and the development of sustainable business.

Racional’s business activities are anchored by three sustainability pillars:

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