An extended look at corporate governance

Transparency is a cornerstone of our business and we carry out our Corporate Governance activities through structured processes so as to ensure that a culture of ethics is embedded in the conduct of our business.

We seek to connect our strategy with our operations in line with best management and sustainability practices. In doing so, we engage our entire supply chain and guarantee the continuity of the company.

Sustainability is part and parcel of our construction projects and audits of our construction sites are performed on a bimonthly basis by an outside company. This not only ensures the independence and impartiality of evaluations but also ensures that our targets are regularly monitored and met.

Racional is proud to be recognized as one of the leading construction companies in Brazil with the best risk control results. We adhere to strict criteria regarding our working conditions as well as social, environmental, and occupational health and safety conditions.

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Check out some of our Responsible Management initiatives:

  • Development of the Supply Chain

    We have a comprehensive view of our Supply Chain, which comprises from suppliers of our suppliers to clients of our clients.

    We approach our Supply Chain with an all-encompassing strategic plan that includes an integrated risk management system and training of our suppliers aimed at making our chain more flexible, efficient, competitive and high performance.

    We also seek to align our Supply Chain with our vision and business model based on principles of collaboration, trust and accountability.
  • Good Neighbor Policy

    Racional has always been concerned with the areas surrounding its construction sites and is committed to minimizing the impacts caused by our activities on our neighbors.

    With this in mind, 30 ago we introduced a groundbreaking truck wheel washing system on our sites to eliminate and control the pollution of streets as the trucks leave the site. Currently, all companies wheel washing devices are equipped with a water reuse system to avoid wasting this precious natural resource.

    The mitigation of impacts on the neighboring communities to our sites is part of our Social and Environmental Management System. This includes initiatives to minimize noise and dust levels and the circulation of trucks and people, thus relieving the inconvenience caused to neighbors.

    Furthermore, we provide a communication channel for neighbors to our sites upon commencement of construction works. Through this channel, we can explain the dynamics of our activities and receive suggestions or complaints during the construction period.


We are actively engaged in numerous specialist groups and associations to keep up with the latest innovations in the field of sustainability, among which:

  • Green Building Council Brazil (GBC Brasil)
  • São Paulo Environment Committee (Comasp/Sinduscon-SP)
  • Ethos Institute

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