Our contribution to society

We work closely with our stakeholders to foster a fair, balanced and sustainable society. We believe that our actions transform society and influence the achievement of a better future.

Learn about our Social Responsibility programs

  • Community development

    We undertake social and environmental initiatives geared to community development so that we can leave a positive legacy. For this, we promote from environmental lectures at schools to renovation of equipment used by the local community to suit their needs.

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  • “Learning is Growth” Program

    We believe that education is a tool to boost citizenship and self-esteem and is a solid way of promoting social development. Therefore, Racional offers literacy courses and computer skills training to its construction site employees and contract workers. We also offer professional development courses.

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  • “Construction Entrepreneurs” Program

    We offer basic business management courses to our small business partners who provide contract workers. In these courses, participants learn about the company’s management, production and sustainability and at the end of the course they are better prepared to face the challenges faced by the industry and to grow in a sustainable manner.

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  • “Future Professionals” Program

    Racional takes part in events organized by universities and promote exchange programs between our professionals and students, the market’s future professionals. Whenever possible, we take Civil Engineering students on visits of our construction sites and we take part in the Engineering Week organized by some universities.
  • “I know” Program

    Racional holds monthly lectures its construction sites on work-related subjects and topics of public interest, such as health, education and the environment.

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